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Our Promise to you
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Our Client Promise details the standards of care we guarantee to provide to you and your loved ones. We are unique amongst funeral directors in this regard, by making clear to you the high level of care and attention you will receive from us.


For the time that the deceased is in the care of J. A. Gormley Funeral Directors, we undertake to keep and care for them to the best of our skill and ability, and guard their dignity at

all times.


We will make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day to discuss any queries you have relating to the funeral arrangements or any other matter you wish to urgently discuss.


When the deceased is being transferred to or from our premises in any of our vehicles either before or on the day of the funeral, no music shall be played at anytime on any radio or personal music player.


The deceased will never be left unattended in any of our vehicles.


The deceased will never be left unattended in any part of our premises with the exception of the Family Viewing Room and the Mortuary.


The deceased will not be exposed to the view of anyone without your prior permission with the exception of a licensed medical practitioner empowered to make a medical examination with the purpose of establishing or confirming a cause of death, or a representative of the Coroner’s Office.


The preparation of the deceased will be carried out by a fully qualified embalmer with respect, serenity and concentration. There will be no music playing, nor will anyone engaged in the task wear a personal music player or engage in any activity that would be considered a distraction from the task.


No one form J. A. Gormley Funeral Directors will reveal any information concerning the life, death or funeral arrangements of the deceased to any unauthorised third party without your prior permission, unless that information is already in the public domain.


No person involved in the care of the deceased will ever talk about him or her disrespectfully to any co-worker or third party whether in the workplace, at home or socially.


When you come to visit, the deceased will be prepared exactly as you have directed and as agreed with us.


The coffin will contain nothing other than what you have permitted, in line with current cremation and burial regulations.

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