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Direct Cremations

Unattended Funerals 

Considering an unattended cremation is an important decision, we’re here to help.

 Direct Cremation (unattended)

An unattended cremation is commonly called a direct cremation. This is a service we are happy to provide and will guide you through this choice. We are always keen to stress that as each funeral choice has to represent your wishes, it is also wise to consider the feelings and emotional impact this option may have on your loved ones. 

A direct cremation involves no form of service or ceremony at the crematorium with no mourners allowed to be in attendance. This does not mean that you can not arrange a service of celebration at a later time and we would be happy to help in arranging this. 


A direct cremation is a less expensive alternative to a traditional funeral but for loved ones left it can be very difficult not to have the opportunity to celebrate your life and have a symbolic goodbye, which is one of the main features of a funeral. 


As a local family business, that prides itself on the highest standards in all we do, rest assured whatever your funeral choice, the highest levels of care will be given to your lost loved one. 


Our direct cremation package includes the following:

  • Our private ambulance to convey from a private residence, hospital or Coroner’s mortuary.

  • Completion of all documentation.

  • Doctors’ fees where they apply (£82.00)

  • Cremation at a day and time we choose – No funeral service and no attendance by mourners at crematorium.

  • Fee for Cremation.

  • Suitable basic coffin of our choice, in standard size, with nameplate.

  • Option to collect cremated remains from either one of our funeral homes or from the crematorium; or scatter in the Garden of Remembrance (unwitnessed).

  • No viewing in our private Chapel of Rest

  • Full payment in advance.

Direct Cremation Plus


For those who wish to have a direct cremation for themselves or a loved one, but would like the opportunity to have a personal “goodbye” time we offer our Direct Cremation Plus option. 


We would be pleased to give the opportunity for a maximum of 10 people to have 15 minutes private time in one of our beautifully decorated chapels of rest, at our funeral homes in Maghera and Coleraine. Your private time includes:

  • on site car parking 

  •  the coffin to be in situ but will be closed

  • you can choose to give personal tributes, share memories or simply have your own quiet time

  • you may also bring in flowers to place on the coffin or a picture of your loved one

  • Must take place within 7 days of death (it is not guaranteed that the direct cremation will happen on the same day as the service)


This option includes all of the above and all of the standard features of our direct cremation package 


You may also choose a different coffin and we will advise you of the difference in costs. 

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